Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of psychotherapy?

My fees are aligned with the guidelines set by the College of Alberta Psychologists at $225/hr. I do direct bill to many insurance companies.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy can vary,  your therapy timeline will be personalized to your unique needs and progress, with your therapist employing various approaches to determine the most suitable duration for your therapeutic journey.

Typically, sessions are scheduled weekly or biweekly. We understand each client is unique, so session frequency can be adjusted based on your preferences, in consultation with your clinician.

My standard appointments are set for 60 minutes.

Life’s tapestry shimmers with joy, but threads of anxiety can cast shadows. Relationships, tangled or free, hum with a yearning for trust. Let’s untangle the knots, soothe the whispers, and choreograph a symphony of self-discovery. This is your stage, embrace your empowered evolution.

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